Michael Fassbender stopped acting following the release of 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and filming Taika Waititi’s soccer movie, Next Goal Wins in early 2020 (right under the COVID wire). Some people called it a retirement, as he turned his attention to auto racing (as Paul Newman once did). This year, though, he is returning to acting, with multiple new projects on the horizon. Next Goal Wins is due later this year, as is David Fincher’s next film, The Killer (will anyone bring up his abuse allegations upon his return to doing industry press? Or are we pretending that’s all gone now?). And he’s getting headlines for joining Nancy Meyers’ new movie, but that is burying the lede because NANCY MEYERS IS MAKING A NEW MOVIE. She hasn’t directed a feature film since 2015’s The Intern. Do you know what this means?! THE RETURN OF THE NANCY MEYERS KITCHEN.


Nancy Meyers’ films ALWAYS have the MOST spectacular house locations. The Holiday has the perfect English cottage AND the perfect California Spanish Colonial revival—designed by Wallace Neff, no less. What about Something's Gotta Give's perfect Hamptons hideaway? Or The Intern’s to-die-for office space AND Brooklyn townhome kitchen? They were both profiled in Architectural Digest. The kitchens in Nancy Meyers’ movies are especially notable. Town & Country did a profile of just the kitchens, it’s like balm for your eyeballs.

The new film is currently titled Paris Paramount, and besides Fassbender, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Owen Wilson are in talks to join, too. Yeah yeah yeah, many big name actors, Netflix, cool cool cool. SHOW ME THE KITCHEN. Supposedly, the budget is north of $100 million. It’s great Nancy Meyers is being given that kind of budget, oh my GOD can you IMAGINE the kitchen she can get with that kind of money? The film is said to be about former lovers reuniting to make a movie together. You know what that means? TWO KITCHENS. The Nancy Meyers Kitchen is back! Times two!