A few weeks ago, Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne left some comments on each other’s Instagram pages and they were interpreted by some to be flirty. The two are friends. They have friends in common. So if that was it, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it today. We’re talking about it today because they went out this week. 

Was it a “date night” though? Something something about him putting his arm around her at one point – although the video, taken by a bystander, doesn’t support that or a “date night” at all. Naomi’s walking ahead, Liam’s trailing behind…(via Jezebel)

…so was he just tagging along? Was he invited to join her group of friends and that’s all it was? Or… 

Here’s why I think there might be more to it than just friendship: 

We know he’s into older women. We know she’s into younger men. I feel like she’d be very into younger men who are into pleasing older women. Liam seems like he’d know how to please an older woman – or at least be amenable to learning how to please an older woman, especially an assertive woman like Naomi. Remember that billionaire she was with a few years ago? Vlad Doronin? You think he prioritised Naomi’s pleasure? Please. 

Also…the way he’s trailing behind in that video isn’t the kind of casual trailing, at least not to me, that suggests that it’s because there’s nothing between them. That’s the kind of trailing that suggests an awareness of being watched, being in public, knowing there’s a chance of being caught, and trying not to be seen. So now I’m like, if there’s nothing to see here, then why act like you don’t want us to see?  

Attached - Naomi leaving Christian Dior's offices in London last week and Liam out in Kensington.