Sometimes I assign personalities to inanimate objects and imagine what they must think when something happens to them. So I’m looking at this dress on Naomi Campbell, the legend, and I can totally hear what the dress might be thinking. 


Which is that she was made for this - both the dress and Naomi. Naomi, obviously, can now and forever wear the sh-t out of a dress. Can do for a dress what the dress was made to do. 

And on Naomi, the dress is living its best life. The dress must be like - I am complete, I am the version of myself I was always meant to be. Look at her. 

Here’s Naomi at a London Fashion Week party last night in a dress that is a focus-puller, especially on her. The white pattern against the black pops even more because she’s out there stomping around - this is a woman who has the best gait in the world. And I’m not sure she’s even trying. 

This is almost casual for Naomi. And it’s still next level, with that fringe on either side, which I’m not convinced the dress even needs, but the way she’s working it, now I can’t picture it without. That’s what a model can do for an outfit. And then when it’s a once-in-a-generation model like Naomi, even paparazzi candids look like a runway.