Yesterday we saw the first image from Natalie Portman’s upcoming film, Annihilation. It’s from Alex Garland, the filmmaker behind Ex Machina, and the first look features an albino alligator. Well we now have a teaser trailer, and it does not include the albino alligator. But it does have deer with branches for antlers, burning trees, people who were turned into plants or plant-people, depending on how you look at it, and a splat that looks like an entrance to the Upside Down. There is also a giant sci-fi soap bubble that maybe is the boundary of the mysterious “Area X”? Natalie Portman walks through the soap bubble and everything is weird. Way into it.

On twitter, Kat popped up to tell me about Jeff VanderMeer’s books—there are three, apparently. She said they’re “bonkers” and there are “glow in the dark slime monsters”. Kat, stop sweet-talking me. She also said there are wormholes, and I wonder if that’s what the soap bubble is—an interdimensional portal? Like, “Area X” isn’t really on Earth, which is why everything is strange? Also, they turn into plants? There are the plant-people, but also Tessa Thompson seems to have a plant-rash. Is this a secret Groot prequel? Like is this how Groots are made? I have so many questions (the book just made it to the top of my to-read list). This is how you know this trailer is incredibly effective—when you have a lot of questions only watching the movie can answer. Or reading the book, but we’re talking about the trailer, don’t ruin it.

Here's Natalie out for lunch in LA yesterday.