Here’s Natalie Portman in Sydney. Cute Ghostbusters t-shirt but I’m looking at her denim shorts. Many of us live in denim shorts in the summer, right? We aren’t at denim shorts weather yet where I live and we probably won’t be there for a few weeks but my mind is there, especially seeing Natalie in denim shorts, I can’t wait to get back into mine and I also wonder whether or not they’ll fit and if I should get a couple of upsize pairs just in case. 


The way Natalie’s wearing hers are my perfect fit – this is how I prefer my shorts: relaxed denim and wide around the thigh. Which is not what the fit on most of the teens in my neighbourhood whose denim shorts are thigh-tight, sometimes rolled, sometimes not. I can only roll if they’re loose around the thigh. Just thinking about a tight roll is uncomfortable, I can already imagine the thigh restriction.  So my point is, for me, Natalie’s are ideal. They’re nice and roomy around the thigh and they’re exactly the right length, at least for me. Not too long, not too short. 

Anyway, I needed the reminder that I have to get out the shorts and try them on in case I need to buy. Denim shorts, by the way, don’t have to be hard on the budget. The last pair I bought last year was $35, the best pair of denim shorts I’ve ever owned.