HBO has shuffled a lot of premiere dates around due to the strikes work stoppage. Season three of The White Lotus is now expected in 2025. Also, Natasha Rothwell will be back as Belinda!  (Popsugar)


Lionsgate isn’t part of AMPTP so the Hunger Games prequel Snake Song or whatever it’s called—Snake Song is a better title!—is able to do press. Here is Rachel Zegler in a killer trench. (Go Fug Yourself)

Recurring dreams are so weird! What are our brains up to! For many years I had the dream about taking a test for a class I wasn’t even in, even 10+ years after graduating from college. Then, one day, I just never had that dream again. Now, I have a recurring dream about water slowly rising around me. My therapist calls these “anxiety dreams”. I love being anxious in my sleep! (Celebitchy)


Argentinian Swifties have been camping on the sidewalk since JUNE to secure their front-row seats for her Eras stops at Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium. I have never loved anything as much as Swifties love Taylor. (Pitchfork)

For those of us Kylie Jenner doubters, well, her new Khy clothing line made $1 million in its first hour of business. As always, the Kar-Jenners get the last laugh. (Page Six)