It’s been exactly a week since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral which means that the additional seven days of mourning observed by the British royal family has concluded. That was the Crown’s schedule, at least. But it was not The Crown’s schedule. 


The Crown is one of Netflix’s most successful series. Viewership surged in the days following the Queen’s death and since it’s been two years since season four was released, anticipation for season five, which is expected to focus on the escalating tensions between Princess Diana and then Prince Charles, is higher than ever. 

Just in time for Tudum, Netflix’s global fan event this past weekend. So, needless say, the royal mourning schedule wasn’t a priority. They took the opportunity instead to promote the upcoming season, confirming a release date…

….and also dropping a trailer. 

“All out war.” 


I mean, the timing is pretty standard where The Crown is concerned. November has always been The Crown season through its run so far. For the Crown, though, the timing is …not exactly ideal. Season five of The Crown will premiere on November 9 which is, ummmm, five days before King Charles’s birthday, his first birthday since becoming king. Pretty sure that’s not the birthday present he was hoping for, LOL. 

Charles is fresh into his reign and the Firm is vulnerable. Several Commonwealth countries have already expressed their intention to break up with the monarchy. The Queen was popular, Charles has never been all that popular. Younger generations have been questioning the value of this institution. And a lot of people’s impressions of the British royal family have been shaped by this television show. 

In these circumstances, here comes The Crown on Netflix telling the story of then Prince Charles’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles who is now Queen Consort, and the impact that had on Princess Diana and how their conflict played out in public. This is betrayal and infidelity and revenge and power struggles; this is scandal and mess; this is everything we want in a melodrama, a soap opera, a royal saga…

But it’s everything they DON’T want for the monarchy as King Charles tries to set the course for his reign, and as they now turn their attention to planning his coronation. This is a potential problem, and they know it. Which is why they’re already trying to blame the people they always try to blame: 

Is it ALL fiction though? They were mad about this two years ago and Netflix, cheeky as ever, answered the criticism by promoting another feature on their platform – a documentary featuring Diana herself: 


The Queen and the royal institution spent a lot of time during the last decade of her life trying to secure smooth passage for Charles’s transition to the throne with Camilla at his side. But without the Queen around to give Charles and Camilla a pass on all that history, those old criticisms will resurface. Some people will never accept Camilla because of what happened to Diana. And those who have forgotten may be reminded of it when they’re watching The Crown. Still others who weren’t around when it all went down will be introduced to it for the very first time and … I can’t imagine it’ll be a flattering portrait of a family that seems increasingly out of touch. For King Charles this will be especially concerning. Diana has never faded from memory, but she is once again spiking pop culture interest. Given the internet’s reaction to seeing set photos of Elizabeth Debicki in so many of Diana’s iconic outfits, fascination with Diana will no doubt explode once again. 

Season four of The Crown ended with both Charles and Diana wanting out of their marriage but the Queen forcing them to stay together. Obviously season five will address what happened after. And you know what happened after? 

Tampongate. Or Camillagate. That phone call of Charles and Camilla moaning at each other, with Charles at one point saying that he wanted to “live inside [Camilla’s] trousers” and joking that he would come back as a tampon went public. The transcript of Charles and Camilla getting horny was leaked and published just a month after he and Diana separated. That call took place in December of 1989. The Crown did not address the scandal in season four which ends in 1991. But the leak happened in 1993 so the timeline of season five could definitely allow for it. And if they do include it in the narrative, there’s a whole new generation that’s about to know how King Charles does phone sex. 


But maybe it won’t be the setback that they’re worried about? Maybe it will help him? Maybe the kids on TikTok will really take to Charles’s seduction techniques?