Netflix announced last week that To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was one of its three most re-watched original movies of 2018. The other two are Roxanne, Roxanne (about Roxanne Shanté, which is in my queue for the holidays) and The Kissing Booth (which is trash but who am I to judge, I sat through the whole thing and not unwillingly). It was a given that there would be a TATBILB sequel, especially since there are three books in Jenny Han’s series. Netflix made it official the other day – here it is if you haven’t seen it, although I’m pretty sure you have seen it because I heard you screaming at the same time as me:


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For the uninitiated, PS I Still Love You is the second book in the Lara Jean series and it’s pretty clear that that’s the direction they’re going in. Not that Kathleen had anything to do with it but I know how much she wants to believe she did so let’s credit her for being right – because, as she wrote a couple of weeks ago, there were some people out there who thought that the sequel should pretty much skip over PS I Still Love You and go straight to the final book, Always and Forever, Lara Jean and she thought this was wrong. Kathleen is getting her way. There will be no bypassing of PS I Still Love You and no bypassing of John Ambrose McClaren, the boy who shows up at the end of TATBILB

It does seem like they’re recasting it, though. And the theory right now is that it’s going to be… 

Cole Sprouse? 

There was some fan-created poster that was posted on Facebook a couple of months ago that seems to be the source of the speculation. Also Riverdale is on Netflix so it’s in the family. But beyond that, there’s no solid evidence that Jughead could be getting in the way of #Covinsky. And Jordan Burtchett, the actor who played John Ambrose in the movie is apparently still holding out hope:

He’s also been retweeting people who are all like, “it has to be Jordan!” and “it doesn’t make sense if Jordan’s not in the sequel!” 

Oh sweetie. When you do this, it confirms that you probably know less than we do. If he was negotiating for the role, he wouldn’t be saying sh-t, you know? 

So. Back to Cole. How would you feel if Jughead was your John Ambrose? I can feel Kathleen smirking from here. Almost two years ago, she called Cole Sprouse this generation’s Luke Perry. If it’s going to be Cole Sprouse, I’m worried she’s going to crash that set. If it is Cole Sprouse, I’ll tell you what we’re getting for sure though…

It’s going to be a MAJOR hair-off. Cole and Noah Centineo both have really, really good hair. How is Noah going to deal with that? Because to really make John Ambrose McClaren work, you have to be torn. Even though Lara Jean and Peter are supposed to be the OTP, John Ambrose is there to make you doubt it. The goal here is to divide, to create factions. Like within two hours of the sequel coming out, people will be fighting online, Team Peter vs Team John. Friendships should be broken over Team Peter vs Team John. Families should be torn apart. That’s what the actor playing John Ambrose McClaren has to bring – a proper bloodbath! Cole Sprouse could definitely handle that. But… could Noah?