Barbie, the movie, is coming for our Tuesday. Warner Bros just dropped over a dozen character posters for their expected summer blockbuster and it’s perhaps our best indication of what the story might be…sort of. 


Margot Robbie is Barbie. “Barbie is everything” is how her poster is described. Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, gets “He’s just Ken”. This is a Greta Gerwig film so from the moment it was announced, it was always going to be more than just playing dress-up. Will be interesting to go back to those three words about Ken when the movie comes out and whether or not it’s a sign for something. 


Barbie isn’t the only Barbie though and Ryan isn’t the only Ken. But while the descriptions for all the other Kens are pretty generic, apart for what you can see in their costumes, the Barbies are all … MORE. Issa Rae, for example, is PRESIDENT. 


Well that’s exactly right. I would vote for Issa Rae. And if Issa Rae is in this movie, it’s like a vote of confidence too. 

Dua Lipa, meanwhile, “This Barbie is a Mermaid”.

That, too, is correct. 


Other Barbies are Supreme Court Justices, scientists, lawyers, and Kate McKinnon’s Barbie – unclear what her job is but she does have a superskill? LOL. This already is making me laugh. 

So we have Barbies and Kens and then there are the Humans. Leading the Human team is America Ferrera. Helen Mirren is on Team Human with a defined role: Narrator. That, too, is a clue. Will this read like a storybook? 


And then there’s Human Will Ferrell. Who is Will? “Please call me mother.” He’s wearing a pink shirt and a pink tie so… is he like Mrs Garrett or something? That reference might not land with the children. But the Barbie residence, I assume, definitely needs a house mother? 

Excellent marketing so far for Barbie. We’re close now. Just three months to go. Promotional materials and interviews and a substantial trailer, I would imagine, are coming very soon.