Rihanna has always kept a late-night schedule; rock’n’roll life is nocturnal and she’s not the only one who wakes up when the sun goes down. Mariah Carey is famous for not waking up until late afternoon and not going to bed until basically morning.


Even during her pregnancy, Rihanna kept up with her evening lifestyle as we often saw her at dinner or leaving a party well past midnight. And here she is, with A$AP Rocky, out for a walk in New York on Wednesday morning around 4am. The reason for this late-night, now, however may be different. Their baby is two and a half months old and probably needs a feeding in the middle of the night, maybe two. Not that I have any personal experience, but I have enough people in my life who do have the experience to know about the sleep deprivation. Rihanna’s schedule now is a newborn’s schedule. Although of course her advantage is that she has help so that after she wakes up to feed she can slip out with Rocky and get some fresh air. 

They look so cute in these shots, both of them in black sweats, holding hands, and at one point he leans in close to give her a kiss on the side of the head. It’s nice to see them taking time for just themselves, to protect their closeness, to have something to talk about and moments to spend with each other that don’t involve the baby. This too is something I’ve learned from those in my life during the new parent phase – it can be a challenge to stay connected during these months because everything changes as soon as the baby arrives. And, obviously, there’s no one way to do it right – each couple has their own rhythm and chemistry. For Rihanna and Rocky, their rhythm is a walk at 4am.