I do not watch The Morning Show—I don’t believe anyone except Duana does—and I won’t pretend to care about it, but here are Jon Hamm and Jennifer Aniston shooting a scene with a cool Porsche, with bonus Nicole Beharie filming a different scene in Central Park. This post has a two-pronged agenda. One, in this house, we love and support Nicole Beharie. She broke out in Sleepy Hollow, and then got treated like sh-t by that show’s producers. In a grand karmic moment, Sleepy Hollow completely sh-t the bed after Beharie’s exit, and almost immediately got cancelled (still mad at everyone involved for wasting that beautiful concept), and now Beharie is co-starring in The Morning Show. I don’t believe anyone watches it, but she IS getting paid, and I am here for Nicole Beharie securing her bag while being treated respectfully by her co-workers. 


Two, Jon Hamm is GREAT in Confess, Fletch. Admittedly, this is not Morning Show-related, but you should know how good Hamm is in Confess, Fletch, a film completely f-cked over by its distributor, Paramount (you can rent it now on VOD, or see it in like, six theaters). You can feel how much fun Hamm is having—especially when reunited with John Slattery—and I.M. Fletcher is the role that best suits Hamm in his post-Mad Men era. Despite being a conventionally attractive white guy who is very talented, it’s like Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with Hamm (exhibit A: he’s now in The Morning Show). What they SHOULD do is let him make Fletch movies until he dies, or his government-sponsored clone seamlessly takes his place in our reality. Whichever comes first. Just keep making Fletch movies. Make one with Nicole Beharie! 


And thus concludes the Nicole Beharie Support Group: A Group For Supporting Nicole Beharie, and our congruent meeting of the Jon Hamm Should Make One Million Fletch Movies community action platform.