When it was confirmed at the end of 2020 that Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman were ending their marriage, there was initial speculation that Zoë and Channing Tatum were a thing. There was never any heat to that rumour but a couple of months ago, back in June, came word that the two are collaborating on a new film called Pussy Island. Apparently Zoë approached Chan specifically for this role. She will direct, they developed his character together, and he’s producing through his production company. So they’ve obviously spent a lot of time together…and they haven’t started rolling yet. When the project was announced, it was reported that they’d be shooting in early 2022, on an “undisclosed tropical island”. I wonder if it’ll be the Bahamas. Lenny Kravitz spends a lot of time in the Bahamas and is a tourism ambassador for the island nation. But let’s get back to the possible romance. 


Zoë and Channing were seen together in New York yesterday: 

Of course the shot that most suggests that they are more than friends and colleagues is the one with her riding on the back of the bike with her arms around his neck. It’s not definitive…but it is definitely promising. And I buy it, because of the work, and how intense it can be to develop an original story together, to be in the creative trenches together, collaborating on the art of it but also working through the business of it. Some people in these situations use the analogy of making a baby together – whatever you want to call it, they’re building a thing together, a thing that will come out a combination of parts of both of them. So it can get real intimate – and, potentially, romantic. 


Channing recently wrapped on a movie with Sandra Bullock, The Lost City of D. They started on that in May so they were filming for a couple of months. So …not a lot of time for dating as shoot schedules on those projects are pretty tight. Didn’t take long before he was done though to start hanging out with Zoë. Because they’re resuming work on Pussy Island? Or is it work, and more?