Nicolas Cage is a great actor with DEEPLY WEIRD TASTE, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he has gone viral recently for giving a bonkers performance in a direct-to-video gem called Never on Tuesday (for the young’uns, like Prem, who have probably never seen a VHS tape, “direct-to-video” was how we labelled garbage movies before “dumped on Netflix”). Cage pops up in one scene as a guy asking if the main characters need any help. For no reason, his character has a huge nose. Check it out:


For context, Never on Tuesday was released in 1989. By 1989, Cage had made Valley Girl, Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, and Moonstruck. He was one year away from Wild at Heart. It’s not like he made this movie as a nobody. Nicolas Cage was an established star by 1989. Maybe that’s why no one was able to stop him wearing the giant nose prosthetic. He was already “Nicolas Cage”. 

Cage is currently promoting A Score to Settle, and in an interview with Vulture, he confesses the nose was entirely his idea. Of course it was. It is maximum Nicolas Cage. Of the nose he said, “If I’m in a cameo and I’m not getting paid, just let me do whatever I want and make some of my experimental visions come true.” I feel like his entire career is just him making ALL of his experimental visions come true, but okay. He was putting in one day for peanuts, why not have fun with it? Sure, Nic, knock yourself out. Remain weird and problematic. Nothing you do will ever top The Bees anyway.