Nicole Kidman is the Queen of Cannes 2017. She’s at the festival to support four projects. The red carpet has been her personal fashion show. Here is a selection of her looks so far. My favourite is the slinky black dress with the mismatched shoulders that she wore to the Top Of The Lake photocall yesterday.

Her style, however, is not the point of this post. Yesterday Vanity Fair posted about Nicole and Keith Urban getting “emotional” at the Palais. The Sydney Morning Herald called it “performance PDA”. The pictures don’t really do it justice though. You have to watch the video:

That hug goes on forever. And then he says something to her and I think… does she start crying? I mean obviously it can’t have been a sh-tty thing, whatever it was that he said. Obviously it had to be sweet, to bring on the tears. I’m so proud of you? Your artistry inspires me? Our daughters are so blessed to be able to see your work? My love for you is more than the ocean and no less than the universe? The Nashville Predators are going to the Stanley Cup! Should I stay away from writing greeting cards? Why is there a choir singing Ellie Goulding’s Burn?

If it were me, I couldn’t do this. I can barely hold my husband’s hand, let alone go in for a Profound Hug in front of all those photographers and thousands of fans watching it go down. And that probably means that my love is distracted, that it’s shallow and weightless. Because the takeaway from this is that what Nicole and Keith share is so deep and so pure that it’s not just that they can drown out the rest of us, it’s that they simply don’t know we’re there, so powerful is the force-field that surrounds their joint hearts.