Rihanna kept a low profile in the weeks leading up the Fenty Bowl, understandably. She was rehearsing and she was building the anticipation. And she had a secret. Now that the secret is out and her performance was basically the whole event, after taking some time to rest and recover, she’s back on her beat… and it was her birthday yesterday. 


So here she is at her favourite, Giorgio Baldi – where else?! This is where we often find Rihanna when she dines out. She was there a lot during her first pregnancy, and she’s there again during her second pregnancy, celebrating her 35th with what she must consider comfort food at this point. It’s an upscale restaurant, no doubt, but when you eat at a place as frequently as Rihanna does at Giorgio Baldi, the gnocchi on their menu is basically her mac-and-cheese. 

Rihanna was there with A$AP Rocky, her brother Rorrey, and her BFF Melissa Forde. And now comes another round of Rihanna pregnancy fashion. Or, rather, just fashion. A slip dress, a crocodile coat, and perfect makeup, of course. Chic AF. 

As for when we’ll see her next, when she’s not going out for dinner that is – the Oscars? “Lift Me Up” has been nominated for Best Original Song from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. The Academy has yet to confirm performances for the night… but there is no way they haven’t extended an invitation to all the nominees in that category, including RiRi, obviously, to be on that stage. As I already said last week, if she showed up for the Golden Globes, I can’t imagine she wouldn’t show up for the Oscars. It’s just a matter if she agrees to actually perform the song for the first time, live, that night.