Dear Gossips, 

Julia Fox’s memoir, Down the Drain, releases next Tuesday so she’s currently on her book tour. Look what she wore to promote it on Good Morning America. She kills me. I actually love this outfit, it might be my favourite look of hers because it’s the only look probably that I would ever wear, except for the boots. 


As for the book, she was just given The New Yorker treatment - an interview with none other than Jia Tolentino, so that’s two of my girl crushes together in the same space. If they were selling tickets to this talk, I would have bought one. The title of the piece is perfect: 

“Julia Fox didn’t want to be famous, but she knew she would be.”

Julia, of course, became as famous as she is now because of Kanye West, but as she has said many times, the Kanye chapter of her life, if you can even call it a chapter, is the least interesting. Which becomes obvious once you read Jia’s rapid-fire recap of Julia’s life so far. This girl has seen some sh-t. She has been through some sh-t. She’s been a thief, a sugar baby, a dominatrix, an artist, an addict, a model, an actress, an activist, a benefactor, and now an author. She has lost herself over and over again. She has lost friends over and over again. You might say, then, that no one has been more prepared for fame than Julia Fox. Whatever you think about her, whether or not you laugh or roll your eyes or dismiss her, she’s been through worse and also better. Kinda like her Birkin bags. Which she tells the New York Times she had to sell. 


As we’ve seen, Julia is always good for a great quote: 

“That was a Birkin that an older rich man had bought for me. It was enough money to get a car and live in Louisiana for six months, and then I blew through it all and had to come home. But you can get far with Birkin money.”

“But you can get far with Birkin money!”

I wish I could have seen her face when she said this. I would play in a loop over and over again. 

Yours in gossip,