Dear Gossips, 

Yesterday in What Else? ahead of the premiere of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour movie, I wondered about who would be there, which members of the squad would show up, or if she’d ride solo. 


I don’t think anyone would have answered… 


The biggest story at Taylor’s big event is that she was supported by the biggest, the baddest, the best… the Queen of all Culture. And before you Swifties come at me for saying that between them, it’s always going to be Beyoncé, Taylor herself pretty much did the same. This is what she posted on Instagram: 


“She’s been the guiding light throughout my career…”

“…she’s taught me and every artist out here to break rules and defy industry norms…”

And she was a fangirl on TikTok too:


My soul = broken. In the best way possible. Honestly can’t even remember my own name 😇🙏🥹 📷: Mason Poole

♬ Halo - Beyoncé

That’s Taylor Swift putting respect on Beyoncé’s name. 

And we all know, Beyoncé doesn’t just show up for anything. For the Queen to actually make an appearance? And pose with her on the red carpet?! Taylor was, indeed, blessed. Which is why she showed appropriate appreciation. 

But then again, Taylor is smart. Because this makes her look good too – and she knows it. This is a coming together that the Grammys jerk off about every night. But Taylor made it happen at her film premiere. 


As for Beyoncé – like Taylor, there will also be a theatrical release for her Renaissance World Tour film later in December. Both mega popstars dealt directly with the theatre chains for their concert movies. Both of their tours are breaking all kinds of records. They are the business right now. So it’s a flex of female power, which has always been the energy that Beyoncé’s all about. 

But now, the question is, what happens when it’s time for Beyoncé’s premiere? What will be the surprise for that event? Will Taylor be there? How will Taylor return the favour? Will it be Taylor and more? Will it be Taylor and Rihanna and Adele … like a red carpet version of “Break My Soul”, the Queen’s Remix? Are we asking too much? 

Yours in gossip, 


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