All eyes are on Taylor Swift tonight for the premiere of The Eras Tour movie. Just a heads up then that we’ll be covering this tomorrow but right now, the fans are already all over The Grove in LA. Will Taylor ride solo tonight? Or will there be members of the squad with her? Travis Kelce has a game tomorrow so it would be a tight turnaround for him to show up and then leave but she does have a private jet. If you’re asking me to predict, right now I say he’s not going to be there. (The Hollywood Reporter) 


Carey Mulligan is promoting Maestro but she’s not promoting Maestro because SAG-AFTRA is on strike but her Vogue cover story and shoot took place before the strike was called and, well, OK but these timelines are getting tighter and tighter. Anyway, in preparation for the film, Bradley asked her to join him in a dream workshop where they can better relate to their characters through their dreams, or something. This is some woo woo sh-t but I guess when she gets nominated for an Oscar we’ll all be like, OMG, actors are even better at accessing dreams than we are. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Aaron Rodgers used to be the NFL player who was Hollywood adjacent and dating actresses. So maybe he’s up his ass right now that Travis Kelce’s getting so much shine with Taylor Swift. As you may have heard, Aaron shaded Travis about promoting the COVID vaccine. And Travis responded – very well. Which only made Aaron even saltier. In my books, it’s a win for Travis. I like him even more now, because he’s handling these spotlight moments very, very well. (Cele|bitchy) 


It’s a new Christina Aguilera. New hair, new look, and a residency! It was time, wasn’t it? Christina is headed to Vegas. I think it’s going to be a great show. She has the hits. She has the voice. She has the theatricality. It’s the female artists dominating Vegas in this era. (OMG Blog) 

I’m leaving for a pretty big trip in a few weeks and… I’m getting anxious. I’m anxious about train tickets and local transportation, I’m anxious about being sick while I’m away and I can’t get a booster. I’m anxious about whether or not the hotels I’ve booked will work out OK. And I’m going to probably the most organised country in the world. So this piece by Ineye Komonibo is very appreciated. (Refinery 29)