My three darlings, Greta Lee, Charles Melton, and Barry Keoghan were all at the Governors Awards last night. None of them were nominated for a SAG Award today. 


At this point in the Oscar race so far, out of the three of them, Barry had the lowest chances but as noted yesterday in my post about his GQ cover story, he’s out here on the circuit to really make sure that his leading role in Saltburn is noticed; it doesn’t have to be nominated, it’s more of a signal to Hollywood that they should be buying into his leading man era. And he’s certainly dressing like the new breed of leading man. 


This tuxedo is gorgeous and I love that he continues to embrace the shorter jacket. The ruffle shirt is gorgeous on him, and he’s also not afraid of the straight to wide leg pant. Here’s a short(er) king who refuses to be sartorially limited!


As for Greta – it wasn’t a great night for Greta, Celine Song, and Past Lives at the Globes. They will not have a presence at the SAGs. And we already knew that she was on the outside looking in, that there were as many as eight contenders for Best Actress and she simply doesn’t have the name recognition as the other heavyweights in the category. Which is why campaigning and visibility is important. You’ll recall, last year I kept talking about who would show up for her, which A listers would get out there and throw parties and host screenings in support of her the way they did for Andrea Riseborough last year. And last week, Jennifer Aniston finally showed up for Greta and Past Lives…

Greta Lee, Jennifer Aniston and Celine Song attend A24's "Past Lives" Los Angeles Special Screening And Q&A at Directors Guild Of America on January 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California

…but maybe it was too little too late. There’s been no “grassroots” momentum for Greta this season the way there was, controversially, for Andrea last year. And when you consider that it would have been above-board and not in violation of guidelines this year for Greta, it’s an even more bitter pill to swallow. Still, while the SAGs are one of the better predictor of Oscars, the guild doesn’t always align with the Academy. Greta’s not entirely out of it yet, but it’s not looking good. SHE looks good though. This red Bottega Veneta dress is sublime, and I’m not usually big on a red dress. 

For Charles Melton though, for him to be left off the supporting actor SAG nomination list – well this is a surprise. Nobody here was saying that Charles actually had a shot at winning the Oscar, the nomination, if he gets one, will be his triumph. The lack of SAG nomination, however, isn’t helping. May December, in fact, was shut out entirely. Unlike Greta though, Charles actually picked up some wins coming into the new year but not getting a SAG nom in combination with the BAFTA snub is, well, it really, really takes the wind out of the sails of his campaign. It’s not over yet, obviously, since Oscar nomination voting begins tomorrow. But there are probably Oscar voters looking at this SAG nomination list who could be influenced. Will Charles’s award season end sooner than it should? If that really is our future, we all lose! Our eyes definitely lose!