How is it already Wednesday and there hasn’t yet been a dedicated Peter Kavinsky/Noah Centineo post on this site?! I’m sorry, we have failed you. And we need to make it right. 

Kathleen was distracted this morning by this: 


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She decided to turn her distraction into a virus and sent it to me when I was supposed to be focusing on writing and, well, I caught it. As she pointed out – the hand. We are, um, very familiar with that hand. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you know the Google, it’s out there. Noah Centineo’s, uh, handiwork (LOLOLOL, yeah, yeah, I’m ahead of you, I’ve had enough of me too) is out there. 

But then some of you have been messaging us on Twitter and Instagram about this shot of Noah, in a tree:


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You are trying to make the point that he’s basically Kellan Lutz who has also posed in a tree. 


As IF. 


The tree wasn’t the problem with Kellan Lutz. The READING IN A TREE was the problem. Remember, those were paparazzi photos. That dude was all like, oh, I’m just taking my dog for a walk and we decided to STOP AT A TREE and CLIMB THE TREE and READ A BOOK, while the paps were conveniently nearby. 

Noah doesn’t have a book. Also, there were no paps. He was with Bryant Eslava, one of the most popular photographers in LA. And no one was pretending to come across a tree with a book and get into the tree and pretend to read. There’s no artifice when there’s an acknowledgement that he was, actually, participating in a photo shoot. 

And while we’re at it – like Kellan Lutz could ever pull off the back pocket twirl. 

Noah is not Kellan. But thank you for giving me an excuse to post about him today.