Remember what I just said in the previous post about the People’s Choice Awards? That they mean nothing. Well…

Here’s a good example. Noah Centineo was the People’s Choice for Best Comedy Movie Star. Not any of the stars of Booksmart, one of the funniest movies of the year. Or the stars of Good Boys, also a funny movie that came out in 2019. Or even Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron who were very funny in Long Shot. Or Keanu Reeves (!!!) who was the FUNNIEST in Always Be My Maybe. None of these were as funny to the people as Noah Centineo in a Netflix movie called The Perfect Date about a guy who gets his friend to build him an app that hooks him up with girls who need to rent a date, which should not be confused with his other Netflix movie, Swiped, which is about a guy who gets his friend to build him an app that hooks him up with girls. SERIOUSLY. It’s the same movie!

But here we are and the people have spoken. Noah Centineo is the Best Comedy Movie Star. He also just had knee surgery so he showed up with a leg brace and a crutch and delivered an acceptance speech that didn’t make sense because… well… he was named the Best Comedy Movie Star. Why does any of this have to make sense? 


Noah followed up his win at the PCAs with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and then the premiere of Charlie’s Angels. He talks about his hair and how he buzzed it recently. And he mentions that his “girlfriend” (Alexis Ren) who recommended the stylist. He also namechecks Zac Efron and this is exactly right. Exactly.