A famous person falling in love with a non-famous person is a pretty well-known rom-com trope. And if you think this is a post that sh-ts on that trope, I’m here to disappoint. As far as I’m concerned, romantic comedies are an essential part of the movie business – and we don’t get enough of them. So if Jennifer Lopez wants to lean into that trope, and her own celebrity…GOOD. 


The first trailer for her upcoming rom-com, Marry Me, with Owen Wilson has just been released. 


The Notting Hill vibe, is that a problem for you? It’s not a problem for me. That’s the trope, I love Notting Hill, the movie about the biggest movie star in the world stumbling into love with fumbling, bumbling bookshop owner after her boyfriend (Alec Baldwin!) cheats on her. In 2021, JLo is the global superstar who decides to marry the math club dad on stage at a concert, and obviously they’ll eventually fall in love but only after he decides he can’t live in her world, until she convinces him he is her world. Sold! 


You know what I like here, besides Samwell Tarly, lol? That the stars are both in their 50s. We can age with our rom-coms! I’m also into JLo’s bubbly glowing energy paired with Owen’s signature low-key vibe. JLo is never not extra. Owen is never extra, a minimalist actor. So it’s opposites attracting on multiple levels. Accessorised by a lot of sequins, feathers, hair and makeup changes, and dancing! What’s the problem?! There is no problem. JLo is serving her favourite subject: love! At a time when she’s actually in love, more in love than she’s been since, well, OG Bennifer. 

Bennifer 2021 will still be happening in February 2022 when this movie comes out right? There’s an added bonus if they show up on the carpet together – Ben and Owen together again. Armageddon reunion! Owen has been in the most random selection of movies. 

 Ben Affleck and Owen Wilson in Armageddon