Dear Gossips,

Captain Marvel exceeded expectations this weekend with a big take at the box office. Sarah will have the analysis coming up later. I saw it again on Sunday and I liked it even more on second viewing. And, as usually happens with me on repeats with these movies, new observations start to connect all my MCU memories. Like it only occurred to me for the first time yesterday that, well, no wonder Nick Fury doesn’t ever seem all that impressed with all the other superheroes. We now know that the standard had already been set for him with the OG, Carol Danvers. 

Here’s my current obsession as far as Captain Marvel is concerned: Brie Larson made surprise visits to a few theatres this weekend wearing this tracksuit: 


It’s the perfect tracksuit. It’s custom Juicy Couture. It’s throwback velour, like when we’d see them in pink and baby blue – as The Cut called it at the time, the Juicy tracksuit was the “famewhore uniform of the 2000s”. Only now, it’s been updated. Brie’s not wearing the pants low on the hips, teasing pubic hair, and wide in the leg. These are proper joggers, sitting perfectly on the waist, tapered to the ankle and cuffed. 

I need one. We all need one. As shown on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, Danielle Graham and I wore matching tracksuits on Oscar Saturday for rehearsal (from Zara if you want one too):  


This was, ahem, a full day before Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone wore matching Adidas tracksuits to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Danielle and I are nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for our live Oscar broadcast. I’m trying to talk her into doing the tracksuit thing at the ceremony at the end of the month. Pretty sure I could win my case if it’s the Captain Marvel tracksuit. I never had a Juicy Couture tracksuit 15 years ago when it was the thing to wear while shopping at Kitson. Desperately need one now. 

Yours in gossip,