Dear Gossips, 

I waited until today. You had the weekend…before “I hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du”.

SORRY. But I had to.

Are you obsessed? Because I am f-cking obsessed. BLACKPINK is my whole life right now. Sasha and I were texting back and forth about this on Friday. We want to get those moves. We may even get the contact lenses. We should be BLACKPINK for Halloween. This might ruin our friendship. Because I’m all about Lisa, second place Jennie. And Sasha, probably, is a Lisa first, Jennie next too. 

Anyway, as you’ve probably heard by now, BLACKPINK is smashing all kinds of records. “Ddu-du Ddu-du” now has the most first 24-hour streams of any Korean music video and the best video debut of 2018 of all artists worldwide. Its first day YouTube totals are only second to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”. Which is monstrous. Because Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift with an established worldwide following and she sings in English. But this matters less and less now. Korea is dominating. And what’s especially exciting about BLACKPINK is that of its four members, only one (Ji Soo) was raised in Korea. Rosé grew up in Australia. Jennie grew up in New Zealand. Lisa was born in Thailand. They represent the Korean diaspora, a specific experience with universal relatability – so many of us are the products of both home culture and new culture combination. Eventually then, or maybe already, considering the still-increasing hysteria over BTS, it won’t be called K-pop, it’ll just be what it is: pop, pure proper popular music. 

So. Are we all Blinks? 

Yours in gossip,