According to OK! Australia, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up because he wanted to have babies and she wasn’t ready. The reliability of any OK! Magazine, in any country, is suspect. But especially Australia. Sorry, Aussies, your gossip publications are pretty low on accuracy. But Liam is Australian?! In this case, it doesn’t matter. He spends most of his time in LA. Lately he’s been in New York, working on a movie. I have a hard time believing that an Australian tabloid would beat American gossip outlets to the story. And besides, it’s the timing. 

This story about their alleged split comes just days after Miley scrubbed her Instagram and blacked out her Twitter header. It has the fingerprints of a classic make-a-story. Oh look! Miley wiped out her IG, perfect time to speculate that she and Liam and over! 

Liam, however, hasn’t deleted his IG. And photos of Miley remain on his account. Also? Perhaps more importantly? Miley still follows several members of the Hemsworth family, including Luke, Chris, Elsa Pataky, and, yes indeed, Liam Hemsworth. If the IG scrub was about a breakup and heartbreak, if the social media deletion was a result of a split, why would they still remain on her follow list?

What’s more likely is that Miley’s blanked her Instagram because there’s an announcement on the way. Probably new music. Per Glamour, several of her past collaborators have also blacked out their Twitter headers, which could mean that they’re about to drop new material. This is what people do now when they have new projects to share. Taylor Swift did it. Blake Lively did it. It’s a thing… well… and it’s getting boring, right? The first time is fresh and the resulting frenzy is understandable. By the time you’re way down the list to do it, is it really all that exciting? Not sure what that bodes for Miley’s new music if, right out of the gate, we’re already recycling old hype moves.

Attached - Liam on set of Isn't It Romantic in New York this week and Miley out in New York last month.