Chris Pine is my Chris. You know this. My allegiance to him is mostly unwavering. I’ve been riding for Chris Pine since Just My Luck and The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. Those movies were definitively in the Young Chris Pine era. Last night, Lainey decided that she likes “Older looking Chris Pine” better. She was feeling his salt-and-pepper beard. I’m not going to fight about which Chris is hotter – I’ll take my Pine any way I can get it – but I do see the appeal of a rugged, slightly weathered Chris. I also like that the “Who’s the hotter Chris?” conversation is now just down to a battle between the most superior Chris and himself, as it should be. 

The Best Chris was presenting his Hell or High Water co-star Jeff Bridges with the Cecil B DeMille award.  As Lainey and I debate Young vs Old(er) Chris Pine, my timeline was full of young, HOT Jeff Bridges photos like these:

Since I am SO YOUNG (don’t remind me that Prem is now technically the youngest member of the LG team, it’s a very confusing time for me), I don’t remember young Jeff Bridges. This is a shock to my system, and I don’t really know how to process it. We could say the same about Jeff’s VERY ON BRAND speech. I tweeted that the Jeff Bridges speech is what Matthew McConaughey speeches were, and I’ve never been more sure about anything. It’s a solid take. It felt like The Dude was very close to dropping some “alrights.” 

I’ll leave you with Chris Pine looking at Jeff Bridges the way I look at Chris Pine.