They’ve been at it for a while, having previously featured Cate Blanchett and Elizabeth Debicki (who, recognizing her tall majesty, they fully painted gold) in their villain ranks, but this year alone we’ve seen Kathryn Hahn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus join the Marvel villain ranks, and now Olivia Colman is in talks to join Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. It’s an unspecified role but my money is on one of the Skrull empresses running around the comics, like Veranke or R’Klll. Kingsley Ben-Adir is on board supposedly playing the main villain, but I could see Colman playing an Agatha Harkness-type character who isn’t an outright villain but is pursuing her own agenda that may or may not align with the heroes. Captain Marvel implied there are other bands of Skrulls scattered around the universe, not all of them got saved by Carol Danvers. Having several different groups of Skrulls running around, each with competing agendas, would certainly bring enough chaos to get Nick Fury off his simulated space beach and back in action.


As for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she just made her debut on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

JLD is GREAT in her one scene in Falcon. I LOVE the way she tells John Walker to call her “Val, but also don’t. Just keep it in your mind.” What an extreme power move, to introduce yourself by a nickname and then say, But don’t you dare use it. However, the moment feels a little flat and strange, because the way she enters the frame and the pan up from her boots suggests we were supposed to have some idea of who was coming down the hall based on a previous appearance, but we did not, so when her face is revealed, the reaction is, “That’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus!” and not, “Oh my god, she’s HERE now!” We were supposed to meet this character first in Black Widow, which likely would have provided the context needed to make that ominous hallway walk land with a gasp. Still, JLD makes the moment work because she’s fabulous even without context.


Her character, Val-but-don’t-say-it, has a complicated history in the comics. She’s a one-time SHIELD agent and on-off flame of Nick Fury’s who breaks bad. I think the MCU is setting her up to be “Madame Hydra”, who is, as the name implies, one of the leaders of Hydra. There are a number of new teams lining up on the horizon in the MCU, including the Young Avengers, but I think JLD is here to bring together the Dark Avengers, which is, as the name implies, a group of villains posing as various Avengers. If so, then JLD and Olivia Colman could cross paths, as the events of Secret Invasion are what open the door to the Dark Avengers. Basically, we could get Olivia Colman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in some Marvel sh-t together eventually. Throw in Kathryn Hahn as a Dark Avenger and bring back Elizabeth Debicki and we could have the Avengers everyone REALLY wants, the All Fabulous All Female Avengers.