Olivia Culpo was in the news last week because her sister Aurora posted on Instagram an outfit that Olivia wore on an American Airlines flight on their way to their holiday – a sports bra with bike shorts – and was told to put on a blouse and cover up. If you missed it, you can catch up on the story, with photos.


They were on their way to a tropical destination. I see no issue with her clothing. And I’m not sure what the concern is here. Like the plane engines aren’t going to be affected by a sports bra. But I would f-cking love to hear someone say out loud that their worry is that her outfit is a “distraction” or some kind of bad influence. Because a lot of times the policing of women’s clothing is about the impact their clothing choices will have on men and children. We’re supposed to be way beyond that kind of archaic thinking now but… clearly not. 

Anyway, the holiday is now over, Olivia returned to LA and was seen at LAX this week, on a different airline, and as you can see, she’s in another sports bra, with leggings, obviously making a point – and also keeping herself in the conversation. Influencers are gonna influence, that’s the game, I’m not mad at it. That airline employee served up an opportunity for Olivia to become a headline. I’d be disappointed if she didn’t take it and run. Also this green top and leggings combination is just a really great athleisure look.