Two weeks ago at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Olivia Munn (who hosted) did a bit with Niecy Nash calling out Hollywood predators and also Mark Wahlberg. I was into it. And I was into the repeat performance last night when they co-presented at the SAGs, making a point that there were no Asian nominees in the Best Actor in a Drama Series category. Is this a regular thing? Niecy + Olivia? Can it be? As I noted in that post about Olivia after Critics’ Choice, it feels like something is happening with Olivia right now. Some momentum. And when momentum builds, the gossip does too.  

So in other Olivia Munn news… 

Let’s start at the beginning. Three weeks ago, at the beginning of the month, OK! Magazine reported that Olivia and Chris Pratt were “secretly dating”. It’s OK! Magazine so I wasn’t paying attention. I’m not even sure I noticed, did you? 

This weekend, however, Entertainment Tonight reported that Olivia and Chris were seen out for a “romantic dinner” in LA on Friday at Craig’s. ET is way more reliable than OK! so a lot more people turned their heads. In response, Olivia posted a text thread between her and Anna Faris that they exchanged back on January 4, a day after OK! claimed that Olivia and Chris were undercover dealing. (PS. It’s really not that undercover when you show up at Craig’s. Paps are there every single night.) 

Many are taking this to read as a denial that she and Chris are a thing. I’m not sure this is a pure denial though? It was definitely a denial back on January 4. But now…is she leaving some room? “Even if I was dating Chris Pratt” – that’s room, non? 

To be fair, her bigger point here is that we shouldn’t assume that Anna Faris would have issues with Olivia and Chris together. Anna, after all, is in a relationship now with Michael Barrett, with whom she worked on the upcoming Overboard. Eventually Chris is going to start dating again. Given that he’s in Hollywood, it’s not unlikely that when he starts dating again, it would be someone who’s also in Hollywood. And, as we’ve seen, these circles, they overlap. They overlap everywhere. We’ve seen overlapping in the friend circle with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin since their conscious uncoupling. There are all kinds of friend connections too when you consider G’s relationships with Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt. Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed were friends before Nina and Ian Somerhalder broke up and Nikki started dating him. They are still friendly now. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd hooked up and she used to be friends with Bella Hadid. So, sure, sometimes there is drama. And sometimes there is no drama. It is possible, then, in Hollywood, to date within the friend circle after a breakup and not have it be weird. And, in a way, it HAS to be possible. It’s not that big of a town. This is where they spend their time. Their people introduce them to the same people. This is going to keep happening. So… is it happening? Olivia Munn and Chris Pratt? 

I hope so. I like it. If for no other reason than this: Chris Pratt is an upgrade on Aaron Rodgers who, by the way, still isn’t talking to his family despite all that bullsh-t about Olivia being the cause of it. Which, looking back, he let her eat it. They all did. 

So, if Olivia and Chris are indeed getting to know each other, how did this go down? On January 4th, after the OK! Magazine story, she texted Anna to say that there was “0% truth” to it. Now, a few weeks later, she’s saying it’s an “even if…” situation. You think maybe they read the OK! report and were like, yeah, no, but… should we? And if that’s the case, is that how we can set celebrities up now? Let me try: Angelina Jolie and Garrett Hedlund.