No, the monologue rap wasn’t great. So I get it if, with a start like that, you weren’t all that into Olivia Munn last night hosting the Critics’ Choice Awards. But, apart from that rap, I actually quite enjoyed her. She was much stronger during the in-between awards bits, especially when she was up there with Niecy Nash “toasting the good guys”. I can’t find video of it so here’s a summary: 


They called out the predators, they called out the men for not speaking up at the Golden Globes, and they called out Mark Wahlberg. It didn’t seem well-received in the room but the skit was sharp and I’m not mad that they weren’t there. I also really enjoyed Olivia playing Nancy Kerrigan. 

But what does this do for Olivia Munn now? She did a lot of hosting during the early part of her career and has acted steadily since leaving The Daily Show in 2011. I thought it was an interesting move when it was first announced that she was hosting Critics’ Choice a couple of weeks ago. It’s not in the usual order of things. Typically the hosting of award shows happens during the come-up and then, if all goes to plan, you don’t host anymore, you’re at the tables, watching the host. But Kristen Bell is hosting the SAGs in two weeks. And she’s certainly bypassed that stage in her career, especially now with the success of The Good Place. I wonder then if we might be seeing some sort of change happening in Hollywood, a re-shifting of perception about jobs, about work, a reassessment of work and its hierarchy. 

Not too long ago, film acting sat at the top of the prestige pyramid. Even though TV often paid better and offered more chances to explore characters and a variety of stories, it’s always been seen that film is the ultimate goal and that, arguably, television was a way to get there. This week, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, two big name movie stars, were at the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards repping a TV series. If that perspective is changing – or has changed – in Hollywood, then is it possible to change the perspective about work in other forms? Like hosting? Where does Olivia Munn take this going forward? 

I mean, I can’t say it hurt her. So, at worst, it’s a plateau situation. At best, it’s some face time until The Predator comes out in August. Don’t sleep on The Predator. The movie is written and directed by Shane Black. Maybe don’t sleep on Olivia Munn either? 

PS. Her hair was so good last night it made me want to cut mine so bad.