Some people’s first reaction to this would be disgust. My first reaction was to laugh. Look at it! Look at them! They’re meat carrots! Weiners made in the shape of carrots! Who decided that we needed weiners to be in the shape of carrots? Who’s the person out there all like, sh-t, I would only eat that weiner if it was made in the shape of a carrot!?! I want to know this person. I really, really want to know them. Because while I don’t support the idea, I do support the strange thought process required to come to this idea. An idea that makes no sense. How the f-ck are you going to make a hot dog out of this thing when the meat isn’t even on both sides? Your bites won’t be the same! (Dlisted) 

It’s been almost four years since Marcus died. He was our OB, Original Beagle. We talk about him all the time. Just last night Jacek and I were talking about how he once went after a coyote, like he was some kind of badass. Do you know what a beagle looks like? No one would describe a beagle as a badass. After we lost him, I thought a lot about a Marcus tattoo, a discreet “M” somewhere on my body. I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t have anything against them but I’ve just never really wanted one. Every time I read about someone getting a tattoo to remember their dog, though, in this case Ashley Tisdale, I always consider it again. (Cele|bitchy) 

Olivia Munn is promoting a new TV show called The Rook which means she’s on a press tour which means there’s a press tour wardrobe – are we allowed to talk about her clothes or are we only allowed to talk about them if we like them? She’s been wearing a lot of pants. Most of the outfits are solid. One of them doesn’t work at all. It’s the last in the series. (Go Fug Yourself) 
A couple of years ago, raccoons were making big headlines. Seemed like there was a raccoon story every week. Ducks are apparently the animal of this summer. OK I’m lying, that’s not true. But they should be because these ducks are amazing. Their colours. Their heads. Their heads are perfect. Our dog Elvis has a duck head. It’s perfectly round in profile. (Pajiba) 

Just a couple more sleeps until the Queen in the North, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas get married again. The wedding is happening at a chateau in France. Sophie’s dress? My guess isn’t all that inspired. Sophie wears a lot of Louis Vuitton. If you’re getting married in France, why not wear a wedding dress from the French fashion label you’re associated with? (TMZ) 

Do you have a crush? I have a crush but I don’t know his name. He’s a hot guy I see at the gym, we’ve never spoken. So I took this quiz and now Buzzfeed is telling me his name is Alex. He does look, kinda, like an Alex. (Buzzfeed)