Gen Z’s queen of breakup anthems is single no more. After Olivia Rodrigo attended the Space Jam: A New Legacy party at Six Flags with Adam Faze a couple weeks ago, word on the street was that they’re together. Then, the happy couple made the news official after being spotted sharing some PDA in Los Angeles.


She looks happy, and to me it looks like she’s comfortable with him, in that you’re-so-cute-I-just-want-to-squeeze-your-face-constantly phase. Here’s what we know about Adam: he is a 24-year-old producer who recently started his own company called Faze. There are also reports that they met through industry friends a few months back, but that’s about all we can go on because his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts are private. Here’s the TikTok that started creating chatter about the happy couple:


Since Olivia is new to fame, this isn’t a side of her that we’ve seen before. She’s given us some of the top breakup songs of the year, and those songs also had a Disney love-triangle connected to them which made them feel more real. The ongoing joke we see in the music industry is how amazing an album will be after hearing someone is going through a breakup, but I’m interested now in how the opposite plays out for Olivia. Since she just started her solo career, her identity is connected to the sad side of love, so although I’m sure it's easy to imagine that she’d sound great on a song about being in love, it feels foreign. How will Olivia interpret a sweet love song? Will she go all in with the lovey-dovey or will she remain hesitant and guarded because of how much she’s been hurt in the past? I also wonder if her being so public about her relationship, and eventually writing about it, will result in her demographic changing. So many people spoke about how they connected with her because of her ability to sing about relationship struggles that are nuanced and complicated and relatable, no matter the age. After all, who hasn’t driven around aimlessly at night, ending up on the street where your ex lives, just to see if the light is on? Now that she’s all happy and in love, the single girls may feel left out. (Lainey: it’s like this with Adele too. When Adele got divorced, everyone was like…OMG give me that breakup album now! But what if Adele is happy and her new album, whenever it drops, is all fun bops?) What does "honeymoon Olivia" sound like? Will we hear from her? I’m excited to get to know her. But will “honeymoon Olivia” still be “honeymoon Olivia” by the time the “honeymoon Olivia” album comes out, if there even is one?