Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine, Nick Kroll, and Harry Styles were seen yesterday on the set of Don’t Worry Darling. I’ve seen the title of the film presented two ways – with a comma between “Worry” and “Darling” and without. This Deadline article from September has both versions. And, of course, the comma can totally change the mean so I’m curious whether or not the comma will be there when they’re promoting the movie.


That’s still a while off as they’re just beginning shooting now with Olivia directing and starring, and Booksmart has a lot to do with it. The box office might not have been there but the film was warmly received by critics and the industry and the people who love that movie really LOVE the movie. And while there was all kinds of debate about whether or not they should have aimed for the fences and open wide instead of in limited release – which would have been the typical path for a film in the genre – but her ambition, in the long run, has paid off.

Don’t Worry (,) Darling is said to be a “high profile project” and has attracted an impressive cast led by Florence Pugh. And after this project Olivia is attached to a Marvel project, making her “one of the most in-demand filmmakers” as Deadline described. Her work in Booksmart was her best investment. 

As for these set photos – these are good shots of how productions have incorporated safety protocols. People are masked and gowned and health check stations. And Chris Pine is in one of the trends of the season, wearing a sweater vest. I could see Harry Styles wearing the outfit Chris is wearing too. Harry, however, is wearing a t-shirt with a message so I wonder if he knew he’d be papped. Nick Kroll chose to send the message with his mask.