Well. It’s January 4 and already 2021 is giving us some good gossip in the form of a possible new couple: Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles?! 

Let me start this year with a brag. Because…well… to paraphrase The Weeknd, I felt it coming. Back in November when Olivia and Jason Sudeikis confirmed that they’d ended their engagement a year ago now, at the end of that post I wrote that


“So… what’s next? Olivia is currently directly Don’t Worry Darling, which is had to be halted because of a COVID-19 situation. Harry Styles is one of the cast members. You know what I could see? Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles.”

Cut to this past weekend, at the Montecito wedding of Harry’s manager, Jeff Azoff, Olivia and Harry were photographed holding hands. You can see the photos at Page Six. These are better-than-decent quality paparazzi photos. Given that this is not their first rodeo, I’m not convinced that Olivia and Harry were unaware that they were being photographed. Celebrities usually have radar with this kind of thing. IF that’s the case, and I said IF, and their hands remained clasped, well, they would have known that it would be a matter of time before it became a story – and maybe aren’t fighting the story? The Daily Mail also has new photos of Olivia returning to Harry’s place today.

Just before Christmas, Olivia and Jason were papped hugging affectionately. Last Wednesday, just before New Year’s Eve, she was seen outside Jason’s place, presumably dropping off the kids ahead of her weekend away? There are no last-minute weekend getaways (at least there shouldn’t be) when it’s a co-parenting situation, especially if you want it to be amicable. Presumably then, Olivia + Harry is not news to Jason. And we can move past GO on this story without any ex drama. 


You’ll recall, Olivia defended Harry when Candace Owens decided to be an asshole about Harry’s Vogue editorial: 

At that point they’d been working together for a couple of months on Don’t Worry Darling. Harry, by the way, replaced Shia LaBeouf who was originally cast in the role because, well, Olivia knew. And if that didn’t happen then we wouldn’t be here. Hollywood Sliding Doors! I love it when the doors slide open like this. Hands way up, watermelon sugar high (sorry, I had to, I’ll exit now) for the first new celebrity romance of 2021.