After a couple of delays due to COVID, Olivia Wilde’s sophomore directorial effort, Don’t Worry Darling, has wrapped principle photography. She marked the occasion by praising some members of her team, starting with the star of the film, Florence Pugh: 


And the Oscar-nominated cinematographer, Matthew Libatique: 

The PAs on set: 


Her longtime friend, and the Chris many of you consider to be the Best Chris, that would be Pine: 

But the post that’s getting the most attention, naturally, is the one about Harry Styles because, of course, they are dating: 


That post about Harry, by the way, was not the first nor the last. But it is pretty gushy, and the one with the most text. She was also photographed moving several suitcases out of the home she used to share with Jason Sudeikis over to Harry’s the other day. So not only is this still happening, it’s looking pretty intense. (While we’re here, I’ve been making my way through Ted Lasso, which I love, and trying not to get through it too quickly, because Jacek likes to savour things, but there are parallels between Jason and his character, Ted, non? Particularly with his marriage?!? Did he foretell on himself?!) 

Olivia’s remarks about Harry though, and praising him for taking on a supporting role – I mean, I think Harry’s great, and progressive, and he’s not that dude who walks around with Has To Be The Biggest Star male energy, for sure, but …

Not that I want to be nitpicky but Harry Styles isn’t exactly carrying movies either, you know? He’s done, what? One movie? And had a supporting role? Olivia’s talking about Harry like he’s normally top-billed on film, an actor who’s used to being the lead actor on any given project which, on stage, like in a musical environment, totally, but if we’re talking about film and television, I don’t know if pointing this out in Harry’s case, who has limited acting experience, has the impact she wants it to have. 


And the thing is… 

The person she acknowledges in the post right after Harry’s post went up IS actually the actor who more aptly lives up to the spirit of the caption that she wrote for Harry. Chris Pine IS a lead actor. Chris Pine has headlined movies and television series. Chris Pine took a supporting role in this female-led movie because he’s been exercising that muscle in Wonder Woman, which is “allowing a woman to hold the spotlight” in the biggest way possible – and in his case, remember, Chris is the guy who’s normally asking for and being sent scripts with his name as #1 on the call-sheet. I feel like what Olivia is saying is more applicable to him. Although the fact that she’s seeing Harry through the love goggles is pretty cute.