Kristen Stewart was back in New York yesterday to promote Spencer at Tribeca Screening Room. The film made the festival circuit late last summer and through the fall. It officially opened in November and has been available on VOD for a while. So all told, it’s been over half a year of press and hustle – and she’s been doing the most. Of course, much of this, right now, is in service of her Oscar campaign, as Oscar voting begins next Thursday and in the Best Actress race, it could be any one of the five candidates at this point. 


Of the five Best Actress nominees, though, Kristen seems to be the most visible, at least lately. And visibly loving being nominated. The grind of the Oscar campaign does not appear to be getting to her. 

Rather, she’s fully embracing the experience – check out her reaction when fans called out to her yesterday: 

Cute, right? 


Her outfit is also cute. Sarah told me last night she couldn’t stop looking at the white socks and it is the white socks that make the look. 


Staying with style here though, Kristen’s stylist, Tara Swennen, also dressed her fiancée Dylan Meyer for the Oscar Nominees Luncheon on Monday. 

It was their first official public appearance together. And there’s no doubt they’ll be following that up on Oscar night which probably means Tara is styling them both for that carpet. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be wearing. And if Kristen wins … will they play golf? 


Kristen told reporters earlier this week that she and Dylan and reps from Neon Films celebrated her nomination with a round of golf. Can we talk about Kristen’s golf fashion? This is from a year ago but check it: 


I can tell you right now they’re not women’s golf pants. Because in general women’s golf fashion is sh-t. This is what Kristen Stewart should do: a line of golf clothes!