Dear Gossips, 

All signs point to the fact that fashion will be a conversation at the Oscars. Keep your eye on Regina King. So far through award season Regina King, styled by Wayman + Micah, has been dominating. And by the way, we haven’t talked enough about her look at the Critics Choice Awards. Look at this amazingness: 


Regina will be at the Oscars because One Night in Miami, the first feature film she’s directed, is up for three awards and she’s a presenter. I am confident that Regina will be hitting allllll the angles on Sunday. 


She definitely hit the angles for Vogue Greece as she covers the magazine unretouched, the first time they’ve ever done it. The magazine’s editor said that: 

“Vogue Greece breaks stereotypes with an entirely unretouched May issue. For the first time in the history of a Greek fashion magazine, none of the photographs gracing the editorials has undergone even the slightest processing, sending out a loud message of self-confidence and acceptance of our true self,”

Have you seen the shots yet? Here’s a selection: 


Lighting, everyone. Lighting is the best makeup. 


In the article, Regina explains why she wanted to do this: 

“I accepted this Vogue Greece cover because it just really felt like an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and not have photoshop to rely on and I feel what Vogue Greece is doing is a very powerful message for women especially. Thanks, Vogue Greece, for bringing me on the ride and I hope a nice amount of women look at the magazine and say "you know what? I'm not gonna give a f-ck", even if its just for one day!”

Here’s Regina last night after dinner in LA. This dinner outfit is bomb too. 

Three more sleeps until the Oscars, the cinematic experience. 

Yours in gossip,