Before we get to Anya Taylor-Joy’s Outfit of the Week, please see Thoroughbreds if you haven’t already. Sarah reviewed it a couple of years ago and she was right about Anya and co-star Olivia Cooke’s “grand slam performances”. Anya is the new Emma, and she is about to blow up, so it’s time to get familiar. She’s amazing. And, clearly, where fashion is concerned, she’s not interested in playing it safe. Instead, she’d rather have some fun.

That’s the only way to explain this choice. 

Yes, it looks like it belongs in a music video. Yes, it’s probably too much for daytime. Who gives a f-ck? Here she is, starring in a Jane Austen adaptation, about to take her career to the next level. And flouncing around New York City in the winter in an off-the-shoulder prom cocktail dress with leopard print sleeves and tights and shoes. 

I don’t see the problem. I am delighted. It suits her perfectly. She’s feeling herself. She’s walking exactly how one should walk when they’re wearing something that was once probably half a Halloween costume and the other half came from the wardrobe department on a superhero movie. It’s editorial and it’s bold and I hope this means we are looking at a new style star. Because in addition to that, look what Anya wore to the Emma premiere in LA:


She showed up there like it’s the Oscars. And yet… completely suited to the movie and her character. That’s kind of an Emma Woodhouse cap sleeve, non?

Emma opens today and is getting solid reviews. I can’t wait to see it.