Outlander season six premieres on March 6 and there was a red carpet event for the show last night in London. Series star Sam Heughan was there, along with most of the other cast members, but not Caitriona Balfe who, of course, is the series’ other lead. And some fans got upset. She was criticised for missing it because she’s in London and she went on Twitter to defend herself…even though there’s nothing she should have to defend. 


I get that for Outlander fans, they want to see the two people who best represent this show. But I’m also guessing that Outlander fans have been following all the press and promotion leading up to the new season and Caitriona’s involvement. I interviewed her and Sam together at the junket a few weeks ago, she was great. She’s doing the virtual panel. She’s been actively promoting it on her social channels. It just happens that she’s also involved in another project, Belfast, which is an award season contender including at the SAGs this weekend where it’s contending for Best Ensemble and Caitriona also has a personal nomination in the supporting actress category. 

Instead of attending the event in London, though, Caitriona still got dressed up and posed for the Outlander photo wall at the Four Seasons in LA last night. It’s a strong look on her, that cloud dress we’ve been seeing for over a year now most closely associated with Schiaparelli. Beyoncé’s done it, Celine Dion’s done it, Lady Gaga’s done it, Adele’s done it, so many others, and now Caitriona. I like it on her a lot… but I also think it’s time for the cloud to pass. 

Caitriona will present at the SAGs on Sunday. Leonardo DiCaprio has also been announced as a presenter. If Leo’s showing up – and to present no less – it means everyone’s showing up. Not that there was any question about attendance but, you know, there is still a pandemic happening and we’re only just ramping back up to producing these events again will full attendance. But it has been a while. For us…but mostly for THEM. Award shows are part of celebrity life. They’re ready to get back to doing their thing.