Celine Dion is in Paris and Paris Fashion Week is about to start so … who else would be the Outfit of the Week? Heads up, she’ll probably be OOTW next week too – and it’ll likely be multiples. 

This here is a controversial one, as many OOTW are. It’s not necessarily about an outfit you love, it can be an outfit you’re debating over, an outfit that’s polarising. Pretty sure this one will be polarising. Because Celine, as usual, is doing so much. 

Like the top is already a LOT. She’s matching the furriness of the top with sandals. You don’t need much more than that, it was already a photograph. That wasn’t enough for Celine, though. She had to wear the top and the sandals with a pair of wide leg jeans. Wide leg high waist jeans draw more attention than, say, a pair of regular jeans that stop at the ankle. Because there’s so much more material. And all that material takes your eyes in all kinds of different directions. Or so you think.

This is actually not entirely a wide leg jean. It’s half of a wide leg jean. The other half is a regular pair of jeans, rolled up to capri length. And manufactured that way – you can tell around the thighs. You into it? I’m kinda into it. I don’t think I could do it, because I look like sh-t in wide leg jeans but as a quick flash jeans trend (if you can afford it, which most of us can’t), it’s fun, non? 

The question is… who else now is going to try it? After Celine does it, and so visibly, can and should any other celebrity step out in these jeans next? That’s what you want out of an Outfit of the Week: to completely own a look. And she does. She owns the jeans like they’re a feeling.