Charlize Theron is in Rome ahead of the premiere of Fast X. The (family!) movie opens next week. Can’t wait to read Sarah’s review. As a member of the Fast Family, Charlize has been doing promotion on her social channels and this includes fashion posts. Charlize is very, very fashionable. But she’s not as known for fashion content on Instagram as her peers. 


But she’s clearly feeling herself today in this blue bandage Alexander McQueen dress, understandably. I mean, look at her: 

And again, it’s a bandage dress. Bandage dresses were everywhere in the 90s and the mid-2000s and they’ve been trying to make a comeback over the last year or so. 


This McQueen on Charlize is a major improvement on what we saw 15 years ago though. It’s the length and how it falls. It’s also the high collar which works so well with her chin-length hair. And pairing the dress with the sock boots is exactly the right move. 


You know what we say about Margot Robbie and Chanel? It’s kinda the same for me with Charlize and Dior. She’s been a Dior ambassador for years but I’m often more excited when she’s not wearing Dior. This is a good example. 

But I’m not just here to talk about Charlize’s style. Because she made headlines a few days ago for her appearance on the Drag Isn’t Dangerous telethon to raise money for organisations “that are out there helping all of this nonsense go away”. The nonsense she’s referring to are the bills that have been proposed in multiple states in the US to restrict drag performances. Opponents of drag are couching their suppression of it in creative language, calling it “adult cabaret”, but there’s no doubt what their intentions are and how they are deliberately misunderstanding the art form (they’re saying drag is “prurient”, which is absurd) and characterising it as a danger to children. This effort, in combination with the alarming rise in transphobia, is direct attack on the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and a threat to the safety of its members. 


These people have been targeting gender-affirming care, and now they’re coming for drag, and it won’t stop there. And this is what Charlize is addressing in her video: 


She’s right. Drag is pure joy. It is love. It is self-love and collective love. Drag is about acceptance and expression and respect, values that we need more of, values that can only enhance the lives of children and their families. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but even though I generally don’t recommend reading the comments, one look at the responses below that video will tell you the disinformation that’s being spread out there about the drag community, and how these people are willfully distorting who these performers are and how their performances are received. 

Click here to make your voice heard with your elected officials and tell them to NOT ban drag. Click here to support the ACLU’s Drag Defence Fund. And if you haven’t already, please watch Wigloose below: 


Attached - Charlize arriving at her hotel yesterday in Italy.