Diane Kruger’s style used to really excite me. Look at this amazingness from 2012 in Cannes:


Then, for a while there, it got kinda boring. Especially at the Met Gala. Example: this is what Diane wore to the Met Gala the year the theme was Comme des Garcons and Rei Kawakubo. WTF.


Even she looked bored of herself. 

There are signs that that era is behind her though. Because this is what she stepped out in yesterday – and it’s REALLY good:


We’re in a 70s fashion moment right now. But you don’t have to do it like it’s Halloween and you’re playing Ron Burgundy. Diane is showing us how. The colours and the patterns are the throwback. But the cut of the clothes is modern. I love the wide collar and the ruffled wrists on the shirt. That vest is beautifully tailored. Clashing the floral print with the check print, and bringing in colours from each print to make the connection, along with the belt and the boots is SO good. And the length of the pants is perfect. This is 70s flare at the hem, but all 2019 in how they fit. 

I’m obsessed with her whole look from top to bottom. It’s how Margot Robbie should be styled for her press appearances for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.