Me loving a Thom Browne outfit, this is not breaking news. But Jenny Slate just looked so f-cking good in full Thom Browne at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards the other night, this deserves to be the first Outfit of the Week of 2023. 


Let’s start, though, with the why. She was there because Marcel the Shell with Shoes On was named Best Animated Film by the NYFCC. And deservedly so, in my opinion. I love this movie, I love how small and big it is – tiny little Marcel with his huge heart, I could cry just at the sound of his voice. It’s probably not just me, either. Marcel was not just embraced by critics in New York but has won multiple awards including from critics in Chicago, Washington, and the National Board of Review. Which is why the film is a strong candidate for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. Most experts seem to agree that it is indeed heading to the Oscars in March. Which means there’s a very good chance that Jenny is heading to the Oscars in March. Which means many more great looks from Jenny to come. And Thom Browne was a promising start…

Although, perhaps it’s not quite accurate to call it a start because Jenny’s looks, in collaboration with stylist Monty Jackson, for the entire Marcel the Shell press tour and Oscar campaign so far have been outstanding. Prior to the Thom Browne at NYFCC, the highlight for me was this Giambattista Valli two-piece: 


The shared detail here between the two looks is the crop top. The white Thom Browne shirt is cropped, too, just the right amount so that it doesn’t pull too much focus but enough to add a dash of flirtation to the signature polish to the Thom Browne aesthetic. 

Everything else is pure polish – the jacket perfectly tailored, the shirt cuffs pulled longer than the jacket sleeves, the socks up to the knee, and exactly the right shoe choice: patent black mary-janes. A crisp and sharp kick-off to award season.