Sometimes, when a look is so good, I feel violent. Like I want to whip around a room smashing things to properly express how f-cking rad an outfit is. Because a fist pump just doesn’t seem like it’s enough, you know? 

This is what happened when I saw Kerry Washington show up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and I knew, I knew it had to be the Outfit of the Week but it also took a lot of patience not to write about it until now when we do the OOTW posts. It’s so good! It’s SOOOOOOO GOOOOD! See? I have to use all those caps because I can’t trash my office but it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.

I love the hieroglyphic print. I looooooove the beading. The fit is so perfect. Notice how she has room in that crop top, that it’s not glued to her skin. And the skirt that sits at exactly the right spot at her waist and falls to the exact right spot above her feet, creating layers and proportions that feel mathematically sound. I’m shocked that it’s Zuhair Murad because Murad isn’t usually my jam – but this isn’t the usual Murad jam either, is it? 

You know whose jam it is though? 

Law Roach. 

Of course it’s Law Roach. It’s always Law Roach! Zendaya + Law Roach have already been grandfathered from Best Dressed consideration and now I’m starting to wonder if anyone who’s been styled by Law Roach should be ineligible because, as he calls himself an “image architect”, these looks that he builds for his clients are like…

Cathedrals. They are style cathedrals. Timeless fashion structures we’ll come back to again and again again. 

And for Kerry, it’s the ideal kickoff to a publicity campaign. Little Fires Everywhere premieres next month. She’ll be on promotion over the next few weeks. I cannot wait to see what she and Law have planned.