The Rolling Stones dropped a new album today, Hackney Diamonds. And leading up to it, there was all kinds of anticipation about what would happen on Thursday night. Turns out it wasn’t just an album release party but also a whole set… with Lady Gaga joining the band for the encore.


There were other celebrities in attendance too: Christie Brinkley, Jimmy Fallon, Camila Morrone, Jemima Kirke, and … mom and dad, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, their second sighting together in just three weeks and their third sighting together in the last four months which by their standards is a LOT. We really are in a gossip bounty right now. 

But let’s go back to Gaga because we don’t get a lot of Gaga pap shots these days. She was in Vegas from the end of August through September and a couple of dates at the start of this month for her Jazz & Piano residency but offstage there hasn’t much activity. By Gaga standards, because you know how loud it can get around her, it’s been a quiet year. 


So it was great to see her out in New York so much the last couple of days, culminating in this sickening sequin jumpsuit last night. I love the black and burgundy two-tone (people online are saying this is Harley Quinn vibes), I love the checker pattern, I wish it was not a one-sleeve situation and just long sleeves on both sides but this isn’t even really a complaint, it’s just personal preference. And I love that she can rock out in it – which she does. She’s jumping and squatting and fist-pumping and this is the Gaga going full Gaga. When she gets into it, she loses herself in it. There’s no vanity, there’s just the spirit of the music. 


But also, it’s a whole look. Because we mostly know Gaga with her forehead. And right now Gaga is working with some bangs. The bangs are good with the whole 70s vibe she’s serving here. I hope she keeps them for a while.