No other look was as special this week as the one Lizzo wore to the American Music Awards. I can’t stop thinking about it - and not just because of the tiny bag and its viral moment. 

First of all, the colour is spectacular. And it never looked the same shade. On the carpet it read like cantaloupe. On camera, from some angles, there was a fuchsia tone under it. Once in a while it would flare up as a true carrot before mellowing back out to a more honey orange. 

And what a great design, the one shoulder cascading down in tiers and ruffles that somehow stayed fluffy and luxurious. My usual problem with ruffled tier dresses is that, often, they can become ragged, they seem to lose volume and wilt. Lizzo, obviously, isn’t a wilter - and her dress matched her personality, as buoyant as its wearer. This is high quality design. As in custom Valentino, or as Lizzo would say, custom Valentin-HO

And, as she says, it was custom for her “big body bitch” which speaks to Lizzo’s clout right now, that even the most judgy-f*ck fashion houses, who typically do not dress for her body type, want their pieces to be represented on on her body. No one is going to ever look better in this dress than Lizzo did.