Here’s Melissa McCarthy arriving at the Billie Eilish show last night in LA in a great outfit. An excellent concert outfit. This jacket in particular. 

It’s the patched cargo jacket from her own clothing line, Seven7. It’s from a few season ago but if they’re listening, they should make this an every season release because it’s a classic. The patches are cute, I especially like the one (which you can’t see here on her but you can see here on the buy page) on the left shoulder – it’s a heart with the word “bread” stitched across it. Another great feature is the elastic waist that begins just on the edges of the waist and goes all around but without a drawstring which means it blouses on its own at the back. That green is also exactly the right shade. They released a dark blue in production too. Like I said, they should consider it every season. Everything else about the outfit is working too. I’m into the topknot with the big hoop earrings, the cross-body bag, the black faux-leather leggings, and the boots. 

Melissa’s next movie is The Kitchen, with Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, coming out in August. Sarah posted about the trailer a few weeks ago and she was into it, except she was worried about the release date because…Hobbs & Shaw. She’s not wrong. Audiences haven’t shown up this summer for mid-budget movies and The Kitchen may be targeting a similar demo to The Long Shot, Late Night, and Booksmart, and none of those movies, even though they were well-reviewed, really took off. 

That said, Melissa McCarthy is a powerhouse. And Tiffany Haddish is now riding two years of big hype. August can surprise us. Maybe The Kitchen can do it.