I have to apologise, because I’ve been sleeping on Nathalie Emmanuel’s style. And she has GREAT style obviously, which is why she’s wearing the Outfit of the Week. 

This is a really great suit. Pants fit her perfectly, tapering to exactly the right spot on her leg, finished off with a casual tee underneath the jacket, and a badass pair of sneakers. SO good. So chill. So easy and polished and fresh. 

Here’s another example of Nathalie’s steeze that I didn’t give enough love to back in April when this shot was taken:



The one shoulder, the draping, the high collar…the HAIR! I’m obsessed. 

Nathalie, of course, is most known for playing Missandei in Game of Thrones. We’ll see her again soon though because she stars in Mindy Kaling’s Four Weddings and a Funeral series premiering on Hulu on July 31. They’ve yet to release a trailer but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a Nikesh Patel problem very soon – he’s playing Nathalie’s love interest. EW featured a first look of the series last month with production photos. Nathalie is Maya, from New York, who has a great job but is having an affair with her boss. She gets on a plane to meet friends in London and runs into Kash, Nikesh’s character. What happens next? A rom-com, naturally. Can we talk about this all of August?