Olivia Rodrigo was presented with the Billboard Woman of the Year award earlier this week. Her debut album, SOUR, has been a smash with multiple hits. She’s nominated for a number of Grammys so while it’s still early in her career, literally the beginning of her career, she has the numbers to back it up. 


SOUR taps into the throwback 90s mood in the culture right now. In her current era, Olivia’s music sounds very much from that decade. And her style is very much inspired by the decade too. I LOVE Olivia’s street style but her red carpet style, so far, hasn’t shown much of that side of her personality. 

That’s not to say that Olivia’s red carpet choices are bad, they’re just … safe….although, to be fair, it’s not like the last two years, during which she’s made her ascent, there have been a lot of opportunities for her to showcase that part of her presentation. 

But we may be seeing her start to figure it out. For me, her dress at Billboard has been the best we’ve seen yet. 

Olivia Rodrigo attends Billboard Women in Music at YouTube Theater on March 02, 2022 in Inglewood, California

For starters, the whole look is on trend for now but also serves some 90s energy. The chunky, clunky platform boots help with that, and they are exactly the right choice. And then this dress. This simple but fun and fresh dress that’s perfect for the occasion. 

The belt shoulder straps are so good. Stacking more of them around the waist is even better. And it’s the width of the straps that makes it for me because around the shoulders, they’re like a backpack; around the waist it’s like multiple seatbelts. What makes this even better is that the waist belts aren’t part of the dress – they’re a style decision, a f-cking banger of a style decision. She looks cute and comfortable and totally of her time but also not only of her time. One of my favourite looks of the year so far.