By now… you’ve finished Bridgerton season two, right? I know people – ahem, Kathleen – who are on their third watch. She might actually be on her fourth right now. One of the reasons it’s so addictive? Simone Ashley’s Kate Sharma who made Anthony so much better. Kate made Anthony f-cking hot. And that’s why Simone is the new Bridgerton breakout. She is the total package. And she is wearing the Outfit of the Week. 


This white dress, high embellished collar, with the side cutout, looks so f-cking good on her, no notes. But there’s another reason I’m highlighting it and specifically it’s because of the colour, white and bridal. Because, F-CK, we were robbed, we didn’t get to see her getting bridal in Bridgerton!

As Sarah wrote in her review, the longing between Kate and Anthony is delicious. I love an extended pine (and by the way, if that’s your thing, too, you should be watching K-dramas because they have perfected the art of romantic yearning) and that was handled so well on the show. But as Sarah also wrote, after all that pining, there was no payoff and Kate and Anthony were rushed at the end. 

They declared themselves, finally, with fireworks, and then we got an update montage on some other characters, and then it was straight to f-cking…which… I’m not complaining about the f-cking, of course not. But, like, it was also the end of f-cking, not beginning, middle, and end f-cking, a full sex scene. And, ideally, before the f-cking, I would have liked to see a wedding scene?! Is it just me? Am I the only one asking for some Kate Sharma bridal shots?! And then Anthony taking OFF her bridal sh-t? And showing her “all the ways a lady can be seduced”? Coming through on his promise of “the things I could teach you”? 


I want to go to school, too! Number one student, right here!


Or, rather, where is Kate’s lesson??? 

Where is the wedding followed by wedding sex?! 

Maybe a flashback in season three? Simone has confirmed she will return for the third season. Come through, Shondaland. Take us to the classroom!